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Jukebox 3D

Jukebox 3D was built as part of my Final Project, a requirement of the Master of Music Technology and Digital Media Program and The University of Toronto

Screenshot 2024-04-22 233331.png

About The Project

Jukebox 3D is an immersive audio experience developed in virtual reality. Honing the power of the Google Resonance SDK, Jukebox 3D allows users to listen to their music in a binaural audio, as well as giving them the ability to interact with their environment, altering parameters of the music such as direction, volume and reverb.

The human brain has the unique ability to locate position and direction of sounds in our world by interpreting differences in frequency, pitch, volume and panning between the two ears. Additionally, individual shape and bone structure of the skulls means that no individual experiences sound the same as each other. This makes it an extremely difficult task to simulate realistic listening environments.

Google Resonance is an Audio Software Development Kit (SDK) that enables developers to implement accurate high fidelity spatial audio into their AR, VR, gaming and video projects. The SDK has been developed for a number of platforms including Unity 3D, a video game development engine, and FMOD Studio, an audio middleware solution used in tandem with Unity 3D to implement audio into projects with ease.

Players are able to import the stems to their own music, but the experience also comes preloaded with a track. The track is an orchestral soundtrack composed by myself, demonstrating the capabilities of the application. It features a large arrangement of various instruments.

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