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Thank You

A list of people that have supported me endlessly and made me into the creative that I am today.

Hayley Chan

Vincent Diamante

Aaron Tsang

Mason Victoria

Kevin Won

Sound Design Reel


Lyndon Kwan

Sound Design - Implementation - Composition


My name is Lyndon Kwan. I am a sound designer, implementor and composer for video games. 

Here you can check out some of my work both professional and personal. Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in working with me.

DJ Set
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Primal Carnage: Evolution

Multiplayer Action Game published by Circle 5 Studios



Jukebox 3D

Solo Developed VR Immersive Audio Experience


Solo Developer


Nominated for Technical Innovation Award at the Level Up Showcase 2023


Technical Sound Design


What am I working on now?

Could be your project!

If you enjoy what you heard, feel free to reach out to me to discuss how I can help bring your project to life through sound and music!

Implementation Reel

Composition Reel

Excerpts from my most recent work on the Primal Carnage Evolution Soundtrack.

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