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Lyndon Kwan
Sound Designer, Implementer and Composer

View an interactive version of my portfolio here!


Demo Reel 2022

Sound Design Demo Reel

Sound Redesign

Implementation Reel
Unity + Wise

This implementation Reel showcases two projects that I worked on

SuperHot Demo by Mix and Jam
and Meow Tunes

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About Me


My name is Lyndon Kwan and I am a sound designer, implementer and composer for video games. I am currently pursuring a Masters in Music Technology and Digital Media at the University of Toronto. I also hold a Bachelor in music and Certificate in Cello Performance also from the University.

I have over 3 years of experience in the field of sound design for video games, and 5 years of audio related experience. 


Sound Design and Implementation is a field that really speaks to me because it entails a bit of everything I love. The technical problem solving of coding, the creativity of sound design and my love for video games.


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Current Projects

Current Projects

Meow Tunes
Roles: Sound Designer, Implementor, Composer
Middleware: Unity Audio

Awards: Technical Innovation Honorable Mention, Ontario Level Up Showcase 2023 

Meow Tunes is a rhythm-based platformer about a cat who has failed his music university entrance exam and must travel through different worlds, facing musically inspired challenges to become a better musician and a master of rhythm by the end of their journey. Each level is themed around a set of music genres, which will define their environment and design.

One of the challenges we faced is how to implement the music in tempo with the rhythm mechanics of the game, as well as how to design levels so they feel To do so, we implemented a MIDI track system, where each track has an accompanying MIDI track that is imported into Unity. While this MIDI track does not contain any musical information, it contains information on where rhythm mechanics should be placed in game.

Technical Innovation Honorable Mention 
Ontario Level Up Showcase 2023 


Roles: Sound Designer, Implementor, Composer
Developer: Cataphracts Studio
Middleware: FMOD

MIME//SCAPE is a FPS shooter game about a mime who needs to escape a funhouse full of evil jack in the boxes and mechanical flying ducks. He must also make his way through the tricks and traps of funhouse.

This game was made along side students of the The Game Assembly 2021, a school in Sweden learning video game design. I had a lot of fun coming up with sounds for new and interesting ideas such as the hand gun and the mechanical duck.  

Gun Soccer

Roles: Sound Designer, Implementor, Composer
Middleware: FMOD
Game Engine: Unity 3D

Think soccer. But with guns! Embrace the chaos of using 
shooting and explosions in a multiplayer soccer game with friends. Think about strategies, teamwork, cool movement, or just simply have a fun time shooting smaller balls at a humongous soccer ball 8).

With this game, I got to use the power of FMOD to create a dynamic crowd audio system that would react to events in the game. For example, when the ball gets close to the goal, it will affect parameters in FMOD that will increase the intensity of the audience cheers adding multiple layers of crowd SFX.

This game was made impart with the Univeristy of Toronto Collaboration with OCAD in game design that was brought and showcased at Level Up Ontario 2023.

Through the Veil

Roles: Sound Designer, Implementor, Composer
Developer: Cataphracts Studio
Middleware: FMOD Studio

In the very darkest hours of mankind, Goddess Aeshtar reached out her hands and saved us. Today, we're thriving under the protection of our saviour

In recent times, the cries of the Divine Lady has echoed through the minds of the High Council. She is stuck within the depths of the Dead Swamp, and needs our help. 

Spite: Through the Veil is an RPG dungeon crawler also made through teaming up with students from the Game Assmebly. This game features magical sound effects that also echo the eerie theme of the gameplay. 

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