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Wait you're actually interested in learning more about me!?

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The Pieces

My journey started when I was 5  years old and my mom introduced me to the world of music by starting me on the piano.

The Music

I went on to start cello at the age of 7, and when I entered The University of Toronto where I pursued an undergraduate degree in music, a diploma in Cello Performance and finally a Masters in Music Technology and Digital Media, where I most recently graduated in 2024.

The Computer

My interests in programming started at a young age of 7, where I was infatuated by a program called Scratch, a kids block coding language to introduce them into the world of computer science. I spent many hours creating all kinds of games and animations.

The final piece of the puzzle was my interests in music production, which began at the age of 14 when I was introduced to Ableton Live. My enjoyment of music and computers allowed me to combine them into a creative outlet that allowed me to engage my creative mind to compose music, while learning technical skills in music production and mixing.

The Games

The Puzzle

All of this lead me to the final question. How can I take all of these interests of mine, and turn them into a career that allowed me to apply myself into the world?


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